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Robert Parker Homes has never been about building the same "production-line" type of house like some of the project builders.  We prefer to sit down with our clients and design our homes to suit their individual requirements

Would you like a pole home?  Rammed earth?  We can do that, as well as timber and brick homes of course.  Check out our Jobs in Progress page for photos of some of our projects currently under construction, along with shots of completed projects in Gallery, and read some of theTestimonials from past clients.


Love where you live but want to transform your home?

Many people find that when they work out the costs of moving to a larger home (e.g. stamp duty, moving costs, larger mortgage, all that packing!) it makes sense to think about using that money to extend their existing house, especially with concerns about interest rates in these tough economic times.

Robert Parker Homes can transform your home, giving you the freedom and look to suit your current lifestyle requirements.

Extensions and renovations can make a huge difference to how you interact with family and friends.  Creating rooms to suit their intended purpose, whether it be an area for work, peace and quiet, or recreation space, needs to be a matter for careful thought.

Our Designer will meet with you and together create the design that will carefully merge your extension or renovation with your existing home.


"To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition" - Dr Samuel Johnson

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