Do you use ready made plans or can I design my own ?

We prefer to design the perfect home for YOU, rather than assume that "one size fits all".  A good starting point would be to take a look at our file of sample plans, then based on your individual desires or needs we can design your dream home.  Or bring in your own plans - either way, we'll turn your dream home into a reality.  We build unique quality homes and extensions to suit every individual.

What environmental factors could I consider when designing my new home / addition?

Let the light in.  Open your living spaces to warming northern light under eaves, which will shelter the glass in summer, rather than verandahs which darken your spaces, or west windows which will bake you in summer.  Greensmart principles are passive comfort for your home.  Thoughtful planting of deciduous trees can assist existing buildings achieve these aims. Is your site on a difficult slope?  Earthworks and site costs are generally more costly for us hills dwellers.

During construction, how much will an addition/extension impact on the family ?

Communication with your builder is the key!

The extent of the impact really depends on the area of the home being renovated.

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most disruptive to people; for example a kitchen renovation would obviously disrupt mealtimes.  If it is a partial kitchen renovation then as Builders we can usually work systematically through the kitchen so it is still workable for at least the evening meal.

If it is a full kitchen renovation then the impact is greater.  Sometimes laundry facilities can be used for washing dishes, and meals cooked on BBQs or in microwaves.  For some people this is not an option and moving out is the only solution until the renovation is complete.  Know yourself well enough to say "Yes I can use the BBQ for a few weeks", or "No way, I'm off to stay with Mum".

Again, communication with your builder is the key!

When Builders and sub-contractors are working within your home, your personal space and privacy is paramount.  The best way to alleviate any anxiety is for us as the Builder to ensure you are informed of who is coming on which days / times / names etc. - a schedule of works; also informing you of security precautions that will be taken into account, such as collection of keys, etc.