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Great importance is placed on the design as what we build must reflect your needs, not ours.

We find that once we sit down with our clients, often partners have very different priorities as to what they wish to achieve in their home.  Some people have only a general idea of what they are hoping for, while others have very clear and specific goals; either way we can guide you through this important stage.

You can prepare for the design process by :

  • Having the plans of your block handy in the case of a new home; these may be obtained from Landgate (previously DOLI).
  • For extensions, have your existing house plans ready or obtain a copy from your local Council; this will also give you some idea of scale.
  • Decide on a budget, especially for additions!  
  • Discuss with your partner and/or family so that everyone knows what they want, even if they are unsure how it can happen.
  • Friends who have been through the building process can often share the benefit of their experience (both positive and negative).
  • How long is the project going to be with you? 1, 5, 10 years or life - your future plans should be part of your consideration.
  • Are you planning to add a storey?  Be aware that a staircase is not only very large (sacrificing approximately the area of a small bedroom), but your costs are very much higher e.g. $50,000 for a ground floor addition will cost more like $80,000 for an upper storey addition.
  • List all features you wish to see in the new construction along with the existing features you are not prepared to sacrifice.  For example, the kids' favourite climbing tree or space for the pool table.

Don’t allow yourself to be steamrolled into accepting someone’s ideas if they don’t suit you.  Above all, be bold, be brave and put your stamp on your design.  Getting it right is important and we are prepared to take the time with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome. 

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